What is an Advocate?

Advocates are the fuel that keeps the engine of missions running at the local church level. They are the amplifier that echoes the cry of our brothers and sisters who are suffering because of Christ in the places where we work (persecution, catastrophes, and war). The role of the mobilizer is to keep the flame alive and ever burning.

What does an advocate do?

  1. An advocate visits different local churches and meets with leaders to raise awareness about the cause of the Suffering Church.
  2. You will help us find new partners and financial supporters and even more mobilizers to join our team. You will be our bridge between the Stable Church and the Suffering Church.
  3. You will also help us any time there is an event in your region to spread the news. Depending nature of the event, you might participate as well.

Join the team

Advocates are pillars of strength for us. They help us to give a voice to the suffering church throughout the world. Through our advocacy team we are able to communicate with church leadership in a more personal and transparent way.

If you want to join our team or have any questions please fill out the form and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.



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