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If you are the pastor or leader of a local church, you may feel “small” in the face of the conflicts and catastrophes that affect our world. An earthquake in Haiti, a tornado in the Phillippines, or the war in the Middle East – these are events that capture our attention and stir our hearts, but many times we don’t know how to respond or what to do in practical terms. How can I engage my church? Where can I send resources?

The GLOBAL CHURCHES PARTNERSHIP is an unique opportunity. Through this program, MORE enables churches from around the world to stand alongside us during our emergency campaigns. You church will become a “GLOBAL” church engaged in locales spanning the entire globe without the need to exceed any financial constraints you may have.


  • * Your local community will be a part of a worldwide movement.
  • * Churches of all backgrounds and sizes are welcome to participate.
  • * Your local church can have an impact on various current events that are taking place around the globe.
  • * We are not seeking monthly partners, so this program won’t affect your church’s financial planning.
  • * With each campaign your church will receive a media package that can be used to raise awareness in your church.
  • * Your church will receive a certificate to share with and encourage members that they are having an impact through this partnership.
  • * Your church will receive transparent reports with regards to impact of the work made possible by your contributions.
  • * MORE is committed to limiting number of emergency campaigns to a maximum of four .

If you’d like to receive more information and details about how your church can join our Global Church Partnership project please fill out the form and someone from our team will be in touch briefly.

By filling this form you are not committing your church to a partnership, you are simply helping us get in touch with you.

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