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MORE is a missionary organization whose ministry is at the crossroads of three concepts: Arena, Nature and Goals


Our ARENA of work is the worldwide community of christians living through wars, natural catastrophes, or religious persecution. We call these people the SUFFERING CHURCH. We acknowledge that suffering is not restricted to these circumstances, but we believe that this area of focus is what God has placed in our hands.


The NATURE of our work is to support. We are not an organization that is focused on pioneering church planting projects since we share the belief that this is a duty that should be taken on by the local church. For this reason, we strive to support the church. We provide support in four different ways: AID, DEVELOPMENT, TRAINING, AND HOSTING. 


In the event of catastrophes and conflicts where there is a need for emergency action we organize specific campaigns. The majority of aid is focused on the on the local churches and in most cases will involve food distribution, medical assistance, and reconstruction of affected zones. This is what we did, for instance, in Haiti(2010), Japan (2011), Philippines (2013), Gaza Strip (2014), and other locations.


The majority of our DEVELOPMENT takes the form of microcredit projects where christian families are given the opportunity to start their own business.  Families in Haiti, Burundi, Sudan, Central Asia, and Brazil have already benefitted from various projects.


TRAINING is a fundamental aspect of our structure. We desire to equip the suffering church so that it will be able to become autonomous. In Haiti, we have operated the School of Community Development since 2011, with a focus on pastors and leaders. We also have our “Remix School” of music and art for kids in the area that are still in camps that were built after the earthquakes. Lastly, our Missions School equips and send young adults from Brazil and various locations throughout the world.


Our call to be a HOSTING mission has become a reality mainly through our christian refugee program in Brazil. We host families from Syria, Pakistan, Congo, and other nations.

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