Community Development

We strive to spread a christian worldview within communities that have been affected by extreme poverty, natural disasters, or drastic changes in their life routines due to persecution or war. Our development programs exist to to create a new mentality that will enable a significant and lasting impact on the history of these communities.

Once the needs have been diagnosed, we seek out tools that make sense in the context of the community. We work alongside local pastors and community leaders acting as a bridge to spread the vision and stimulate growth and development within the community. We believe in allowing the local community to find their own way to express their needs and progress so that they become key players in their own transformation.

Operating Locations


We have in been in Haiti since January 2010 when an earthquake devastated much of the country. After the catastrophe, one of the great challenges we observed was a growing dependency on foreign resources, and we accepted the challenge of equipping the local leadership to promote relevant changes within their own communities. We started the Community Development School, with a focus on training and equipping community leadership to promote transformation.

This program has already impacted over 200 pastors and leaders and in March 2015 we completed the 5th edition of our Community Development School in Haiti.


Through a partnership with Refugee Alliance, we’ve created an english school for Congolese refugees in Kampala. One need we were able to identify was difficulty finding jobs and engaging in social activities face by families who lacked an adequate command of the english language. We now run english classes Monday through Friday training men and women for the job market and their new future.

Middle East

There are millions of refugees spread all throughout Jordan, the majority fleeing from Iraq and Syria. Some have been placed in UN refugee camps, but many have no support whatsoever. In this region, we are at work with the local Jordanian church supporting christian families.

Weekly, we see between four and five christian refugee families (with an average of eight to twelve people per family) in our medical-dental clinic. Discipleship begins with each family where our goal is to give them a better perspective and hope for a new beginning. We believe that this is an indirect avenue for community development since it might appear to be an emergency response, but it will have a lasting impact in the future.

Central Asia

Pastors and leaders live under strict restrictions due to the Gospel, which can pose a challenge to bringing income to their households. In the face of this reality, we have begun tp restore dignity to these families and pastors through partnership with various churches in Brazil to raise monthly financial support. We believe that through this, these families will be better equipped to pastor their communities and raise them in the christian faith.

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