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Due to the recent opening in Brazilian borders and the new wave of immigrants pouring into the country, MORE — moved by the vision of supporting the suffering church — started the refugee hosting program known as the Renovare project. This program aims at helping Christians that, due to war, religious persecution, extreme poverty or natural disasters, do not have conditions of staying in their native countries and need to seek asylum elsewhere.

The project consists of hosting international refugees in Brazil through partnerships with Brazilian churches. The program also includes pastoral, psychological, and medical support, assistance with documentation and social reintegration, which is carried out through the providing of language training and the initial help needed to be repositioned in a new job market. A number of families have already been hosted through the Renovare project and are not in different regions of Brazil, where they are connected with a local church congregation among other partners.






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The Brazilian church partners of the Renovare project take on a commitment with MORE and the refugee family (or single person) on four important levels:

1. Full pastoral support to the refugee (and family) and their necessities.
2. The renting of a home that will adhere to the refugee’s basic needs for at least one year or until they are reintegrated socially and have the ability to take responsibility for their own expenses.
3. Help in finding a registered job in agreement with the Brazilian legislation for refugees in Brazil. This step is usually achieved by partnering with businessmen of the local partner church or community.
4. Provision of Portuguese class for foreigners. These classes can be through a formal school or by informal means; however, they need to be systematic and intentional.

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