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6 April 2016
 April 6, 2016

Lahore and the suffering church

The persecution to Christians in Pakistan is nothing new, but it became something personal to me back in 1998. Kashif* was a colleague from […]

6 September 2015
 September 6, 2015

Nepal: first steps and many dreams

After some immediate responses to earthquake in Nepal we have finally arrive to plant our base in partnership with other local christian organizations. Our […]

4 September 2015
 September 4, 2015

Middle east: a future through partnerships

After a three day visit to the Holy Land we came back with new partnerships and contacts. This was the agenda that our team […]

1 September 2015
 September 1, 2015

Refugees in Brazil: population has doubled in the last four years

According to CONARE, the National Committee for Refugees, in the last four years, Brazil has hosted 8,400 people who have fled from their countries. […]

26 August 2015
 August 26, 2015

Guinea BIssau: feet and knees on the ground

Our missionaries have been in Guinea Bissau for three months. Our main objective is to expand and solidify the work that a partner ministry […]

19 August 2015
 August 19, 2015

Italy: per la chiesa sofferente

The aggravated outflow of immigrants from Syria, the Middle East and Northern Africa the numbers of refugees has escalated to alarming levels. Italy and […]

18 August 2015
 August 18, 2015

Southeast Asia: a church that thrives in the heart of the mountains

Our team in Southeast Asia just came back from a scout-visit to a location in the interior of Thailand. To arrive to the Village [...]
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