Amongst so many projects that God has been blessing our bases with one of them challenged us recently in Uganda, Africa. During our last visit to the refugee camp in Rwamwanja we met with a mother and her four children at local church – two of which had special needs and they were all extremely ill. With nothing but a local clinic and two doctors to oversee the entire camp with more than 53 thousand people our missionaries found that the best way was to drive them to the nearest city.

This mother only knew that “something was different” with two of her four children but wasn’t able to identify exactly what it was. Therefore we took them to Kampala for a better diagnosis. After a week of many doctor appointments and drives to and fro the camp we were able to diagnose the two children with cerebral paralysis, but they were still able to develop more of their motor skills.

They will now be taken to our base in Uganda for a doctor’s follow up and to start physical therapy next month. We are also raising donations and resources to buy equipments that will allow the family to dedicate more energy and time to the children back at the refugee camp without having to leave and come to city so frequently.

With your help we can touch the life of this family. Become a partner with MORE and help us to continue investing in the lives of more people in Uganda and around the globe.

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