Our missionaries have been in Guinea Bissau for three months. Our main objective is to expand and solidify the work that a partner ministry had been doing. The main challenges are still finding a big home for our missionaries, staff and the girls that we are hosting at Home Abigail. These women have been rescued from forced marriage, abandonment by their parents or genital mutilation.

A few weeks ago our staff started Creole lessons – the most widespread spoken language around Guinea Bissau. The teachers are from the Balanta ethnic group. The Balanta’s are known for having some of the highest rates of forced child marriage. Due to this fact our missionaries have been immersed in these classes to learn not only the language but also the culture, habits and how to approach this group with real transformation.

Pray for these challenges, for our missionaries and for these girls that are hosted with us. We also want to invite you to pray with us for the political situation in Guinea Bissau. It has been undergoing a lot of social pressure with the destitution of the prime minister which has startled many manifestations and threats across the nation. The democratic regime is still very young and fragile – no president has ever completed one full term yet. Join us in prayer and click here to find out how you can invest in the plans that God has for that nation.

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