In this last month we were able to move forward with the legal paperwork for our base in Southeast Asia. Our team had a meeting with a local christian lawyer who is willing to help us with the entire process free of charge. Our next step is to meet all the requirements for establishing our foundation (which is the authorities will recognize the organization as).

In order for these next steps to take place there are a few challenges that we still needt o overcome. One of them being finances. The cost of opening a foundation is about USD7500, being USD1500 to pay notaries, documents and certification costs and another USD6000 as an emergency savings account to prove that the organization has “financial capacity” to exist.

We arrive in Thailand five months ago. There is religious freedom. however more than 90% of the population declare itself as followers of Buddhism. Once our base is established we anticipate to implement community development projects that will strengthen the local suffering church. We have already seen many fruits of God moving in the nation.

We want to invite you to pray with us for strategies and provision to move forward in this work. We are just beggining but we believe God has great things ahead of us. To invest in the missions field we want to invite you to become a partner. Click here to know more how you can participate in this journey.

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