Last week, Indian police unveiled a human trafficking network that might have shipped hundreds of Nepali girls and teens from the most regions that were most affected by the earthquake back in April and May. These women had been sent to India and the Persian Gulf to work in prostitution or forced labour. Many of the involved have been arrested recently, two of which were employees of a flight company and two traffickers.

Mohammed Haider Ishfaq, vice-commissioner of the India Ghandi airport police, stated that the girls that were trafficked where from “lower classes and were promised jobs and attractive salaries abroad. They were originated from some of the villages that were affected by the earthquake.” Activistis in Kathmandu had identified that these networks are based off India with agents seeking women in different parts of Napel, but mainly in the rural zones that are more needy – such as Sindhupalchowk.

In a few more weeks we’ll be sending out a team to start the works in rebuilding Nepal. This will be a mid and long term project. Our misisonaries will be focused mainly in the provinces of Dolakha and Sindhupalchowk. We have previously visited these regions and we believe that with community development projects it is possible to recover local agriculture for subsistence. We want you to be join us so that we can even more for nepal and the families that have handed over their daughters to criminals in the hope of a plate of food or better days. Join us in this challenge and become a partner with MORE.

Source: The Guardian

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