In a few more weeks we will have a settled team in Nepal with the purpose to strengthen and continue the actions that we started with the emergency response back in April, 2015 – due to the earthquakes that hit the nation. Two of our missionaries, one brazilian and one from Haiti that was a part of our reconstruction projects in the Carribean island when the earthquake hit in 2010, will be helping us develop community development projects in the province of Dolahka, one of the most affected regions.

Our missionaries will establish their home base at the capital, Kathmandu, where they be responsible to watch over a christian boys orphanage. They will also have routinely visits to the interior. The earthquake affected the people of Nepal beyond lives and material losses. It also took away their way of living and life sustaining resources like entire agricultural fields. Our projects will focus on restoring some of that land and find other ways to generate income and recourses to the people eitheir through other ways of commerce or export.

Before we send out this team however, we have already set for construction materials to be acquired by the church and the houses in Dolahka. The tragedy in Nepal had more than 8800 casualties and 600 thousand people were left homeless.You can be a part of the restoration of hope and dignity for the people of Nepal.

Become a partner with MORE and help us bring life and relief to the needs of these people.

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