We’ve just completed our one year celebration of our base in Haiti being led entirely by local missionaries. In five years of our presence this has been our biggest achievement. In august 2014, our last brazilian missionary that was sent to Haiti stepped down and was relocated to different activities with MORE. Since then our haitian missionary Brutus Theodore has been in charge of our base in Haiti.

Alyson Melo is the missionary that participated in this transition and witnessed the growth and maturing of our local team. “I think a crucial moment in our history was a meeting with had with the directors of Samaritan’s Purse there in Haiti, I saw young adults engaging and conversating as equals about the true needs of their nation. It was a blessing to see them understanding what needed to be done and adding forces to move foward. It was then that I started seeing that my time had come to step down”.

A new class recently graduated from the School of Community Development in Haiti as well as all of our other local projects are functioning at full speed. We know that even five years after the earthquake Haiti still presents signs of historical problems such as misery – which affects more than 60% of population of 10.4 million people. Many of these live with less than two dollars a day. And for this and other reaons that our work has a long way to go still. You can join us in this challenge, click here to find out how to partner with MORE.

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