The aggravated outflow of immigrants from Syria, the Middle East and Northern Africa the numbers of refugees has escalated to alarming levels. Italy and Greece are the two most affected nations with this refugee crisis that has been upon Europe ever since World War II. For this reason a new base has come to our agenda as a result of the cry of those that are suffering: MORE Italy. Our goal is to raise awareness with the church in the region to the realiy of the Suffering Church around the globe and specially those that arrive dialy at the ports seeking peace and a new life.

We are also going to establish partnerships, trainings and missionary awakening gatherings working directly with the refugees that are arriving every day. According to numbers by the UNHCR – this year more than 225 thousand people have crossed the Mediterranean in which more than 2100 lost their lives or have disappeared. Italy alone has received more than 67.500 refugees until June 2015.

Amongst those that manage to make it alive the needs and despair in their eyes is hard to put into words. The majority of the refugee population needs urgent medical assistance, water, food, shelter and legal assistance. Our missionaries have been to the island of Sicily – the biggest in the Mediterranean sea and is an autonomous region of Italy. After field research and contacting local leaderships we were able to identify our first steps in the region.

Pray with us for this new office that is strategic to our organization. We know that there are many challenges ahead but we want to serve the suffering church that is fighting to survive. Pray for wisdom to those in power that they would know how to deal with the refugees inflow and how to invest in the right projects and areas.

If you’d like to be a part with us in rewriting the history of so many refugees click here and find out how you can be a partner with MORE. Together we can be a witnesses of Christ and His Love for Europe.
Source: UNHCR

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