After a three day visit to the Holy Land we came back with new partnerships and contacts. This was the agenda that our team had last month when they were in Israel and Palestine to plan and prepare for the upcoming projects for the suffering church in the region. At the time they had the opportunity to strengthen our partnerships with two pasters who have been leading two other christian organizations: Drop inn and Shepard Society.

After this trip we are now looking into ways to move forward with opening a rehab center for arabs that have been fighting with alcohol in Palestine. This project will be implemented between Drop Inn and local pastors that are partners. We also schedule the date for the next visit to our base in the MIddle East of volunteers from that region.

We also set a short term schedule for more meetings with the pastors from Sheperd Society – which will be sending arab palestine christians to cooperate in the evangelism projects and emergency aid that we’ve been providing to the local community. We believe this initiative can result in a deeper relationship and even more engagement with the arab world. Our main goal for the MIddle East is to see Love being preached through actions.

Pray with us for more partnerships and for each person that will get involved in what God has been doing in the Middle East. If you’d like to partner with the suffering church and our projects click here to find out more.

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