According to CONARE, the National Committee for Refugees, in the last four years, Brazil has hosted 8,400 people who have fled from their countries. This represents twice as more as the number in 2011 and there are another 12,600 requests still waiting for the decision of the government agency. Human rights violation (51.13%), political persecution (22.5%), family reunion (22,29%) and religious persecution (3.18%) are among the main reasons presented.

The largest refugee population in the country is made up of Syrians (2,077 people), followed by Angolan (1,480), Colombian (1,093), Congolese (844) and Lebanese (389). Over 70% of the refugees are men, while nearly 29.3% are women. The survey shows that the age group around 18-39 is the largest percentage (65.62%), while 19% are under 17 and 13.5% are between 40 and 59 years. Only 1.86% are over 60.

The statistics do not include Haitians. Their asylum claims are being analyzed by the National Immigration Council in order to authorize their stay for humanitarian reasons. However, regardless of the group or the need, the church of Christ in Brazil has been called to respond to these vulnerable populations, who are in search of a new beginning in our country. To be the answer alongside with us, become a partner of MORE. To learn how your church can welcome a refugee family, click here.

With information from EBC.

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