Ten months after arriving in the Middle East to start a new base, we were finally able to move forward with a project that is specifically focused on the Syrian refugees which are in the majority muslims living in the neighboring area of our base. In partnership with the Evangelical church of Haifa – Israel, we distributed 150 food baskets to the families.

We were able to select the families with the help of a local government organization that we have worked with for a few months. The government office allowed us to have access to the list of registered families in the region and we then were able to see which families needed the most help. The basket were handed to each family during a big party that was put together for them. Phillip, 0ne of the local pastors that is a close partner, shared a word remembering these families that Christians from near and far have remembered and prayed for the Syrian refugees.

There are many challenges in the Middle East. where the Syrian refugee community is diversified and constantly growing. Many have been forced to leave their homes because of social instability and violence. We, however, will keep on with the work the Lord has given us to fulfill – to strengthen and support the church that is suffering and to share the gospel through gestures of Love. You can be a part of this work with us. Become a partner with MORE and help us to share the message of love through little actions and achieve all the great dreams that God has given us.

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