If all of our currently planned projects in the Middle East are to succeed, we’ll need more than courage and hard work, we’ll need solid partnerships as well. A few weeks ago we spent time in Northern Irelad strengthening one of these partnerships. Drop Inn Ministries is a a humanitarian aid organization that has been faithfully supporting our work in the Middle East and has been a part of our community center there.

While in Northern Ireland, our missionaries were hosted at a castle that was recently donated to the organization. We left that nation with many potential partners and groups from Drop Inn that intend to visit our base in the Middle East, one of which was from Albania, Eastern Europe. We also had the opportunity to meet Lawrence Dawson, mother of the founder of the ministry, whom recently turned 80 years old. Incredibly, she is still actively participating and traveling with the ministry.

We want to invite you to pray with us for these projects and partnerships that have been established in the Middle East. Pray also for the groups that visit us from time to time. Our prayer is that these visits will be a time of growth and people having the opportunity to discover their calling. If you’d like to invest in what God has been doing then click here to find out how you can become a partner with MORE.

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