Four months have passed since the brutality that shocked the world. 21 coptic christians were beheaded by Isis in Libya. Many of these men were from the coptic villages in Egypt. Recently MORE was able to make it’s third visit to the region, this time with our president Pastor Mário Freitas and other Brazilian partners. We were able to install more water filters to bring clean water to the communities around the villages.

With the help of our partners we were able to install four more jumbo-sized filters, capable of filtering each one 400 gallons of water a day. In Al Aour, village where the church where most of the killed men had their roots we checked to see how the filters we had installed last time were functioning and we are blessed to share that no more conflicts have taken place in the region enabling the temple to reopen.

The Iman of the local mosque also shared that the entire community feels blessed to have access to clean water. Many times it’s possible to see long lines of people waiting to fill their gallons with water. We also installed the filters in the vilages of Sam Sum and Man Karios. In one of these villages we were surprised with a friendly approach rom the local muslim leaders that appeared to be quite open to what the church had been doing in the community.

Pray with us that this clean water will become a way for the Water of life to overflow into the thirsty hearts. You can become a partner with MORE in everything that Christ has been doing in these unexpected places through practical acts of Love.

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