Recently we visited a coptic village in the interior of Egypt where 21 martyrs were beheaded by militants of the Islamic State in Libya back in February, 2015. Our team installed another four water filters for the local communities and this time our president, Mário Freitas, was with them along side other partners from Brazil. The visit was an opportunity to meet with some of the mourning families.

We met with Omi Beshir, mother of two martyrs, of age 22 and 25, that were killed. We were able to pray for the family and have some time for encouragement. Once again we asked them if there was any way we could help them to which they promptly responded once again that they didn’t have lack of anything because God was providing for all their needs and in all things they were grateful. We had the priviledge of witnessing on a personal level this unshakeable faith capable of forgiving the militants of Isis and even more pray for their lives.

At the village of Sam Sum we met with an uncle that lost his nephew and in Man Karios we met with a widow that was left behind with her 2 year old daughter and wanted some prayer.

Join us in prayer for these families and that everything that we have been able to do in these villages, even if small steps, may create a greater sense of unity amongts the egyptian people. Pray that the testimonies of these christians may bear fruit in the renewal of the minds of these communities.

You can become a partner with us and be a part of what God has been doing in this work.

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