178 hostages have been rescued from the Boko haram due to an offensive of the Nigerian Army. Amnongst the numbers 101 children, 61 women and 10 men. According to the official statement issued by the government the taken actions managed to neutralize and destroy various camps of the extremist group in the northeast of the nation. In other fronts another 71 captives have been freed – some of which had been held for almost a year.

The goal os these operations (August 2nd) was to capture one of the heads of Boko Haram. The groups was pushed back from it’s approach to the village of Birta, in the Sambisa florest. Hundreds have been rescued from Boko Haram since the offensives have itensified. However the 200 girls that were kidnapped from the Chikok schools in April of 2014 are still not amongst them.

Pray with us for wisdom and strategy from the Heavens for the armies of the surrounding nations: Nigeria, Chade, Niger and Camaroon. Together they have worked to contain Boko Haram. Pray, also, for the victims that are still in captivity and for those that have been rescued but need healing from the trauma and pain.

Source: Aljazeera

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